Super Mini Modified Tractors

Super Mini Modified Tractors are those using engine(s) up to a maximum capacity of 450 cubic inch small block naturally aspirated. The engine(s) may employ a roller cam shaft. Mechanical fuel injection or electronic fuel injection is allowed. Transmissions and Differentials must be derived from passenger cars or trucks. No planetary racing transmissions, slider clutches, quick change differentials are permitted. Weight classes are:

4. 860kg

5. 890kg

6. 920kg, including driver and safety apparel

No portion of a super mini modified tractor may exceed 8 feet forward of the centre of the rear wheel, including removable ballast. No portion of the tractor shall exceed 6 feet in width. Legal fuels are Unleaded Petrol (ULP), Premium ULP, Aviation Fuel (Av Gas) and Methanol is allowed. No Nitro is allowed.

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