Super Modified Tractors

Super Modified Tractors are those using any combination of engine(s), transmission(s) and final drive, up to a limit of 540 cubic inch forced induction, or 1080 cubic inch naturally aspirated engines.

The engine(s) may be up to 60 thou rebored. Weight classes are:

3400 kg

3850 kg

4300 Kg, excluding driver

No portion of a super modified tractor may exceed 14 feet forward of the centre of the rear wheel, including removable ballast. Maximum width of tractor is to be 8 feet at its widest point including ballast.

Legal fuels are Alcohol including methanol, Water, Aviation Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, ULP, Nitrous Oxide and Premium Unleaded. A maximum of 20% Nitro Methane is allowed as fuel additive.

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